Science Behind SYSTANE®

SYSTANE® Lubricant Eye Drops works on two levels to help reduce the symptoms of dry eye. First, SYSTANE® provides immediate moisture, soothing any uncomfortable dry areas on your eyes. Then, by forming a long-lasting layer of protection, SYSTANE® offers these dry areas a stable environment in which they can heal. Together, these two stages help provide relief from dry eye that lasts.

The instant a drop of SYSTANE® Lubricant Eye Drops hits your eyes, it sets to work, teaming up with your tears to help reduce the symptoms of dry eye.

Dry eye is the direct result of dry areas that have formed on your eyes due to either an inadequate amount of tears or tear film that dissipates too quickly. Because these dry spots can cause tear film to break apart even faster, this can quickly lead to a downward spiral of ever-worsening symptoms. Luckily, there’s SYSTANE®.

Designed to confront these dry eye causes on two fronts, SYSTANE® first provides your eyes with immediate moisture, helping to soothe any discomfort caused by these dry patches. As it spreads across your eyes, SYSTANE® actually adjusts its pH level to match that of your own natural tears, ensuring enhanced relief that is catered to your eyes’ own unique makeup.

At the same time, SYSTANE® works with your tears to form a gel-like network that clings to the surface cells of your eyes. Using this as an anchor, SYSTANE® forms a layer of long-lasting lubrication that acts as a shield, helping to protect and soothe the surface of your eyes.

You see, blinking usually helps keep your eyes clean and comfortable by spreading new layers of tear film across the surface of your eyes. When proper tear film is lacking, however, the process of blinking can actually aggravate dry spots, as your eyelids encounter more friction than usual. Your eyes’ biggest protectors can become one of the primary dry eye causes.

Fortunately, SYSTANE® Lubricant Eye Drops provides a lasting layer of lubrication for your eyelids to glide smoothly upon. Not only does this layer help protect dry spots from irritation, it actually provides them with a healthy environment in which they can heal.

Many eye drops only add volume to your tear film, providing a quick fix for some dry eye causes… until the extra moisture is washed out of the eye. SYSTANE® works to keep that moisture in your eyes. Studies have shown that SYSTANE® offers both long term lubrication and extended protection for the surface of the eye. This translates to protection and comfort that lasts and lasts.